Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Difference Between Who You Are and What You Want To Be is What You Do

I do not want to end up living a life like you do
I do not want to end up living a life counting only the bad things that people do to you
I do not want to end up living a life with only regrets and no happiness

I want to be a positive person
So I rather not listen to all your complains

I want to be a grateful person
So I rather resent all your belittling of every efforts

I want to be a bird
So I rather not have a family of my own if its gonna end up like yours

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The first dance....

Didn't think I would post this, but hey, I really took a lot of courage to do my own solo, the first ever :)
So, this is to remind myself that Impossible is Nothing!

Choreo : Brancy Nekvapil
Song: Raks Bedaya
Dancer : yours truly =D
Video: Courtesy of Sivakami (Click here to view)

Also, did the same dance later with my beautiful troupe for a CNY show. Check out the video here and see if I improved.

Ending with a vain dancer picture :)

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