Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interviews Horror

It's the time again, attending interviews non-stop throughout the month...am lucky I was even called for one :p

Most of the time, I enjoy going for one...meeting all sorts of people and getting updated of what's required and new in the industry. I ended up talking a little too much, more than what I should. But, there're also those dreaded ones, like when I tried to impress the smart interviewer, or when I tried to create less tension with the sulky and pouty interviewer, or the time when I cracked my head figuring how to answer super-freaking-difficult questions. O.O *energy drenching*

Those were the days of my horrific interview experiences. Now, I am more laidback, being myself and honest of what I want. It does help a lot knowing that I don't need to impress anyone...I'm a walking proof *pats back*.

Anyone have any embarass situations during a job interview or phobia to share?
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Time Yet?

I am officially super-drained! It has come to the point that I have asked myself this question, "Is it time yet?", repeateadly for the past 1 month. I'm not having fun here and I really hate what I'm doing, most of it anyway.

I felt like a total alien and when I'm beginning to feel at home, the "residents" just have make it a point that I'm not part of them. No information sharing here, no answers to everything and most of the time, I  felt like I have trespassed their boundaries.

Maybe it's because of me, maybe it's because of the fengshui (not that I'm an avid believer), maybe it's because of timing, or maybe it's my bad luck FML...I had enough and for the last time I'm gonna ask myself, "Is it time yet?".

DECISION has been made!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Run...But Not So Fun!

It was my 2nd time participating in the McDonald's Olympic Day Run and I'm still having muscle pain today...this is what happens to those who never seldom exercise. It was kinda tormenting to run the 7km trail ok (well, actually I was running and walking and walking and walking) but I finished within an hour *pats back*.

However, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first time and was really dissapointed with the whole event last Sunday. There were many many disgruntled runners as well and I'm one of them.

Some of the things I hope would be diferent next year...

1) Goodie Bags - I don't get the point of using a "green" plastic bag to hold few packs of chewing gum and a mini soap. Don't y'all think its not environmental friendly at all and it's a waste of $$$. Could have just put it with the certificate since everyone's getting it anyway!
2) Redemption of goodie bag is horrible. The staff were RUDE (my friend said she almost wanted to strangle him). Many people lost patient queuing as the staff were seen packing only there and then. Imaigine sweating and queuing under the hot sun. And what happen to ID the runners via the red/pink/yellow ribbon/strand/band given to us? Another waste of $$$ if it serves no purpose right?!?!
3) Drinks (Milo/Ribena/Water) - where's the isotonic drink? and obviously problem with queuing again, should have a barrier or q-stand to avoid the havoc.
4) Drink Station - There's only 1 drink station and they only start pouring the water into the mini paper cups when the runners reached!!! Some people could have died of exhaustion, like my friends, who did not get any water as it was already finished. The organiser prolly think that the runners have camel-like functions storing water in the body but unfortunately our 10,000 or 11,000 runners are normal human being. I was lucky to have grab a bottle of water, imagine my relief ... *phew*
p/s: They could have 2 to 3 stations if they saved on the goodie/plastic bags. Anyway, it's given by sponsors right?!
5) Mobile Toilet - none in sight and my friend practically ran into frantic searching one and end up queuing for more than 20 minutes. First, the organiser thought we could store water and then thinks we don't need to let "go"... -.-"
6) Garbage Bag - I think there's less than 30 bags laying around the field and then you see mountain of paper cups being thrown away. I guess the organiser have not see this coming, 10,000 runners => 50,000 cups and basically needs more garbage bags. Prolly also because we're supposed to store water so we don't need to drink that much.
7) Emcees - I guess they were used to talking to kindergarten children and were surprised that the runners don't understand their instructions. Well, you know not everyone arrives on the spot, and people could missed what you have said 1 minute earlier...and what's wrong with repeating, it's your responsibilities right? By the way, there's no warm up exercise before that although they did mentioned about it and we were waiting and waiting until they asked us to surrender our "report card" and get a ribbon/strand/band and get into the "kandang". I'm guessing they were some headmaster or headmistress of a school :p
8) Certificate - Should just remove this clause (No.5) in the forms and Rules & Regulations as anyone is seen to be given the cert, whether those who finished after the timing or to those who were just passerby.
Sijil akan diberikan kepada peserta yang menamatkan larian dalam
masa kelayakan seperti dicatat di Carta Hadiah.
Certificates will be issued to all participants who complete the
run within the qualifying time as indicated in the Prize Chart.

9) Tent/Shield - we're not expecting the whole place to be under a tent but at least on stage and prolly a few in front of the stage. You don't expect everyone to stay back just to watch the prize giving (which takes too damn long by the way) under the BLAZING SUN right? I pity those winners who actually waited (I think more than 2 hours) and to those who waited for the lucky draw (which were announced only when 70% of the runners went back).
10) Ronald - He looks so "out" and "plump" and "short". Since it's Mcdonald's mascot, I thought they will get someone alike (talk about branding and croporate image) and it's not like they are paying thousands for that. They prolly got some internal staff or someone from their management level...haha
11) It was said that there are gonna be lots of games and activities, but I definitely don't see any, unless I was blinded by the glaring sun.

Mcdonald's a great company and has built relatively healthy and strong branding over the years, one can only wonder why this even happen. All the best and if any of the McD team/staff/management actually read this post, I hope to see improvements next year. All in all, last year was a better experience, at least for me :)

P/S: At least, they did take safety measures and I think there's enough of policemen and medical staff on standby. This, I salute to the organiser =D
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning, Friday!

Woke up today feeling somewhat satisfied, I think it's because I had a sumptious dinner yesterday and I think the diet plan is never not gonna start anytime soon *shifty eyes*. Realising it's Friday, I was a lil lazy to butt out from the bed but still I need to prepare to work. Don't judge, it's raining ok!

Somehow, I just feel that today's gonna be a good good day =D  I wish when everyone wakes up in the morning, it's filled with love and hope. I wish all dreams come true and I wish all your days like Fridays.

Don't forget to smile y'all!
my niece Melody aka Burger ♥♥♥

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty in Colors

Totally fell in love with Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection...so pweety and it's like ♥♥♥♥♥ struck me. I.m. S.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s!

Here's some celebrities donning them.
 Blake Lively

 Ashley Greene

 Miranda Kerr (fav ♥)

 Heidi Klum

Kerry Washington

Chanel Iman (fav ♥)

Prays that one day I am able to pull off such hot pieces! Ok..stop dreaming and back to work :(
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I'm seeing lots of lame people with lame excuse recently. It's a real FML x 3543513161436 times situation.

I need to channel more inner peace....breathe in, breathe out...breathe in, breathe out....God, please give me strength! Pin It Now!

Monday, July 4, 2011


A friend just started venturing to a new business and I was glad he invited me over for the launch. I was not easily forgotten meh -__-

His new baby, Facekara is located at the new Viva Home, Cheras and I must say I am impressed with his new concept "Broadcast You To The World" and evergoing energy and passion in all his work. At Facekara, you can actually sing, record and upload the video and then showcase it to whoever you think would be interested or inmpressed :p

Some of the pix on the launch (curi from the FB page).
Guests include (from left): Theodore, Vivian Chai (8TV Superstar winner), Alvin, Henley Hii (8TV Superstar winner), Simon ...hope I got the names correct :)

 Comfy room, sofa, and big screen
You can select songs via Touch screen (but it was kinda tiring to do it the entire time)

Outer area is available if you want to show the world you can SING and maybe get spotted by talent scout and there's also a mini bar there

Check out Facekara website for the pricing and for more information. The only thing I hope it could improve is on the staff's knowledge and keep on adding to the list of songs available. I super love going to karaoke!

psst: You can book a room that has the KLCC view (hint for fireworks display during New Year)
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Green Lantern

I was frowning, laughing and looking at ma friends every 15 mins or so watching Green Lantern last week. I wasn't expecting anything brilliant when Ryan Reynolds' in it and I never really like superhero movies to begin with, except for Iron Man and The Dark Knight.

It wasn't like a torture watching it but it was a tad too boring and nothing really exceptional for me to remember. I like Blake Lively though...she's a real eye-candie and I think she looks pretty intelligent in the movie.

There were some laughs here and there but nothing impressive...I find the plot and script weak and the CGI wasn't that spectacular, and I don't even want to talk about Mr.R's acting (he's got a to-die-for bod though). Besides, he clearly isn't fit into the "superhero" category at all!

One thing if you ask what I remember or like, it would be during the opening sequence where I saw Abin Sur. I almost burst out laughing ok! I have to remain calm in my seat to avoid being kicked out from the hall. He looked like a watermelon but then when I realised he actually is of Purple and Green color, I thought he looked like beetroot with a green suit (I swear I would be stoned to death if fans see this -_-'').

And another scene is where Carol recognise Hal, the Green Lantern who saves her, quite hillarious I must say. I'll give it a 2 out of 5 just because I find some of the Green Lantern cops real funny and Blake Lively looks yummay. By the way, watch out for "Yellow Lantern"... might come up next... LOL!
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Friday, July 1, 2011

What To Do

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