Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Update: Change is necessary. Change is sometimes what you need. Change is just as simple as how you react to something/anything/everything but it does not mean you should change yourself to adapt to people's view and lifestyle.

This is how I look like recently...I thought people here are more civilised but instead they are still working in ice age. This is my episode of Ice Age 2 (pun not intended) wtf. Emails are clearly low in usage and it's even colder here, I basically work alone most of the time. Read about my episode 1 here.

I really don't know what I am getting into yet but I'm not giving up. I should give myself a chance. I am living these moments and have broaden my perspective so much that I'm happier now. I remember myself being so stubborn previously and can be emotional most of the times sometimes.

Still living by the motto: What people think about me is not my business and appreciating the fact that life isn't fair but it is still good! And so, I looked like this at the end of the day!

Bring it on baybeh!
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