Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Can Dance

Well, I'm proud to say "I Can Dance"! See the medal, we were placed 3rd in The Malaysiaa International Dance Championship 2012 under the Bellydance Troupe category...but hor, there's only 4 group competiting for it FOLs.

Anyways, it was a great experience and we girls enjoy it a lot (minus all the waiting, minus all the last minute change of info, minus all the incorrect info). We really didn't expect to win anything as we felt the other teams were much much better but we end up surprised.

We were basically rushing to finish our food and run over the street (we so pandai walk over to the mall and have our lunch/dinner) amidst the rain for the prize presentation but we were late FOLs. So, no photo opportunity on that *sobs*

We made a pact to practice more if we ever going to participate in another dance competition *fingers crosses*

And this is me, tired, after the whole thingy.
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