Monday, August 22, 2011

Fear Factor Face Studio

My friend and I bought 4 vouchers to use at Face Studio via #MilkADeal and we went for the 1st try out last Saturday and it was a horrendous experience! I don't even want to mention how run down the place was, at least to me and how we reluctant we were to walk in wtf. I don't mean any disrespect but it was a lowdown facial experience and here's a list of what happened that day:

1. We handed our print-out vouchers and then a woman just told us "Go in, get dress and lie down". I felt like we have just been sold off to a brothel!!! #majordisaster
2. We got change and reluctantly lie down on the bed that seems a little too yellow for my liking. By this time, I was panicking again but my friend calm me down.
3. The staff came in and started the facial without saying anything, I can't really feel her cleansing my face as she was just moving her fingers around touching my skin. And the lights is really hurting my eyes cause they're not protected by anything (no cloth or cotton pad).
4. The extraction was poorly done, as I felt the "tool" move around my nose and forehead only. There's no proper extraction whatsoever.
5. The staff just slap the mask onto my face without saying anything again, I got a total shock. First onto my eyes (remember that it is not covered by anything) and then over my face.
6. The staff left me for 20minutes (with the lights still on) and came back to remove it. To my utter horror, she used TOILET PAPER!!! WTF WTF WTF!
7. Finally the moisturiser, and I was really pissed by the end of the session. #hellride

Throughout the service, it was a disaster as I felt like walking out every 5mins but my friend persuaded me to stop thinking too much and we were chatting away so we don't feel so tensed. The most iritating part was that the staff's mobile phone kept ringing and she didn't bother to silent it. She was touching her phone and even answered it once and then back to touching my about hygiene!!! When she touched my face again, I felt like I was molested and that my face was just a piece of meat for her to play around! The product was running all over my face, hair and lips!

Overall, the service was very unprofessional including the staff and owner. Major boo boo! Now I understand why I can't seem to google any pictures of the studio/saloon.! I left the place feeling dirty and oily wtf!

I'm not trying to blame MilkADeal for the poor service (irregardless of the meany price I paid) or the poor environment etc, I just hope that MilkADeal would be extra careful in selecting partners in future as I find that the offers in "G" is so much better! By the way, the service ended barely 1 hour (where it clearly stated 90mins) and on the way out, the boss asked if we did any eyebrow threading. Of course we said no and just left as I can't bear to stay there for another minute.

P/S: I have 2 vouchers left and please let me know if anyone wants to give this hell-of-a-ride a try!
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  1. Hi,I too bought a voucher from MilkADeal for this promotion but I think it was a good deal and we had a good time there. I think it might be too exaggerating if you say it is a hell-of-a-ride. I think the service was good and I didn't have any problem. For your information,they did not use toilet paper to clean your face,they used disposable cleansing cloth. If you're not happy,please do not tarnish their name. Maybe you should have spoken to the boss.

  2. Well, thanks for your clarifications on ur experience... Whoever you are... I am merely expressing my thoughts and what happened to me. I supposed you probably had better luck than me... Congrats!!!

    I do not mean to tarnish anyone's reputation but what i wrote wasnt any exaggerations... I can assure everyone i wasnt high, it is what exactly took place and i am not happy about the service. If you are satisfied, you could comment on them and sing praises but thats not my case.

    Ps: hope you are nt frm either "management" trying to salvage ur reputation

  3. No,I'm not from the management,I'm a customer and I guess I had better luck.