Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The traffic was kinda ok yesterday as I zoom-zoomed to Berjaya Times Square. Went for a super quick dinner before the movie session, and it was my first time ever to U Village. The food was really decent and the ambience is close to a coffee shop in Hong Kong, and the service and staff are super efficient. The best part is, our drinks (check out this in their menu) are refillable leh! 

Ok...back to the movie, I find that "Overheard 2" was awesome and its starring Louis Koo (♥♥♥ my super idol, besides Sammi Cheng), Sean Lau Ching Wan and Daniel Wu. And you know what, Louis Koo hurt his legs again at home (I said 'again' because the first time was when he was filming A Chinese Ghost Story)...prays that he recover soon :)

Oops...about to side track again...*clears throat*... I find the plot simple and clean but clever and the casts' performance are still top notch. I wouldn't say there are a lot of action scenes as I would hope to see but it definitely wasn't boring, and I personally love the first movie "Overheard" too. It was brilliant and at the same time, I find it scary that we are constantly being bugged and we are not aware of it...imagine all our conversations are heard by some mysterious operation/agency....What happens to privacy?!!! By the way, you might learn a thing or two about market share in the movie.

I love all movies with conspiracy theory and all, superb actions is a bonus! I certainly don't mind another Overheard movie. Click, click, click here to watch the amazing trailer.

Shhhh...someone's listening!

P/S: can't wait to watch Final Destination 5
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  1. Overhead 2 sure sounds super exciting, can't wait to catch it as well! ;)

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  2. Its indeed a good watch. Catch it if you like part 1