Saturday, October 1, 2011

What The Snake!!!

Got some tickets to watch "Killer Elite" and "The Sorcerer and the White Snake" but the screenings were on the same day. FML cause I have to choose either one but I wanted to catch these 2 movies. Since I has the mood for some Chinese movie, I opted for the latter!


This is supposed to be some kind of action fantasy and is the latest adaptation by Ching Siu-Tung. For someone who did great for Curse of The Golden Flower and Shaolin Soccer, I couldn't believe this is what we're getting. I was so looking forward to Jet Li's superb fighting scenes but I was dissapointed. All he does was just some mild kicks and punches and the rest is just CG!

And I must say the CG quality is equal to those of B grade movies, well....actually worse. I felt the movie was a mixed of Dragonball, Peter Pan and some talking animals. I have seen before works from animation/film students who produce better CGI. Even the demons in it looked somewhat unreal, and I thought the bat looks like a breed of a pig, an ugly one wtf!

The plot developments seem fantastic as it progress, most of the times unbelievable and senseless, but at the end it just does not suffice. Even the sexy looking Eva Huang (White Snake) and adorable Charlene Choi (Green Snake) didn't help. One word of advise if you're gonna watch this, keep your expectations low and you might just enjoy the unrequited love tale and gorgeous female snake demons in human form WTF!

Seriously, is this how the future of period movies holds?

Battle of the Snakes: 1993 VS 2011

Joey Wong / Maggie Cheung VS Eva Huang / Charlene Choi
No, they are not lesbian snakes!

Psst...Catch Vivian Hsu's cameo role, she made a delicious demon too! Pin It Now!

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  1. how come look like lesbian movie...hahaha