Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love You You

Nope...I am not declaring my love to anyone here. It's the title of the movie I just watched. It's a romantic comedy shot in our own Lang Tengah starring Eddie Peng and Angelababy. Supposingly to be the sequel of the successful Summer Holidays, director Jingle Ma definitely has not lost his touch.

Though I don't think the acting was anything spectacular and expect Angelababy to be as "kayu" as she was in "Love In Space", I love the story and unexpected twist and the camerawork is spectacular. To be honest, the scenes and the beach shot in the movie was remarkably "pretty" and makes you want to visit the little island. Lucky for me and my friends as we went there before watching the movie. Imagine the dissapointment if it's otherwise. Check out my post on the trip here!

Speaking of the movie, I was really touched and my heart fluttered at the end when it revealed Eddie's love and sentiment towards Baby. He even created a dessert just for her *heart melts*. Only drawback for me is that the pace is sometimes quite slow but I think anyone who watch this could relate to the characters. I find that some of the lines in the movie are just genius and the other couple played by Zhu Yuchen and Zhou Yang did steal some parts of the show. Seriously, go watch this movie with your other half and fall in love again!

And here's the movie theme's addictive :)
                          只剩一句 love you you
                                           stay with me
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