Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun & Friends with an "F"

Updated: Check out the trailer of the movie "Summer Holiday 2" shot at Lang Tengah

It was a mayjuhhhhh fun trip with all my beloved friends...the beautiful sun, the blue sky and crystal clear water makes it really unforgettable. This is besides the fact that our boat nearly capsized and we were like "OMG" & "WTF" & @.@''. And after that, we just tightened our life jacket!

We went to Pulau Lang Tengah (means "Eagle resting on the middle island") first then charter a boat to Pulau Redang on the 2nd day. It was truly amazing to see "squid" and "baby shark" for the first time when we went snorkelling at Marine Park. Check out all the pix.... (sorry, no underwater pix)

Though the beach was not that great, the water's really clear and I'm missing it already :( 
 Signs of pollution wtf!

 I came back with itch, sunburn and swollen eyes (and look like chu tau peng) wtf...and of course, a true and happy lifelong F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P ♥ ♥ ♥

p/s: Watch the super fun video made by the friend here.
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  1. hey...where you stay and is the love you you resort there as well

  2. bustie: we stayed at D' Coconut in Lang Tengah...then we walk over to Love You You Resort...

  3. looks really fun but how it fares against Redang...planning to go beach holiday soon

  4. redang is more happening...and lang tengah is more relaxing

  5. Wow, really seem like a nice place... Love all the pix. I saw that there is one movie shot there also. I am thinking go there too for next trip

  6. make me wanna see the movie so so much