Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I Do When I'm Stressed

I must say I've been very melodramatic these days and I just felt so beaten. So, I turn to my favourite pastime...eating shopping!!! Hey, a girl gotta do something to cheer herself right?

I just can't stop shopping is just too addictive! And you know what...Retail Theraphy does help beat away the blues... a little. These are my latest indulges (in this month alone and its only half way through *shifty eyes*):

My nicely wrapped parcel from Azorias (2nd parcel in a month actually..*cough*)

Awaiting my new favourite lip clutch from Lulu Guinness
It would be another 30 days before I see my pretty fluorescent yellow Cambridge Satchel.  I actually like the purple and green solid color as well (maybe another size another day huh?)

I am actually smiling wide thinking of my new babies =D   Life is still great after all!
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