Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grandpa Love

Got news that my grandpa's (my mum's dad) awake in hospital and was really glad...I should be visiting him anytime soon...he's really suffering from old age now and I just wished he will suffer less pain. To be frank, I am not close to him and I haven't seen him for such a long long time...I guess this makes me a bad person :(

Times like this made me feel really disturbed and reminds me of my late grandpa (my dad's dad) who loves me so so much. In fact, most of the time, I missed him deeply...whenever I passed by Muzium Negara (a place where we share many memories when I was little), whenever I saw other old folks walking out on the streets and particularly when I watched the movie "Great Day"...my heart just swell up and I know I haven't done much for him.

I secretly wept everytime I think of him and I wished I can turn back time...if there's one thing I regret in my life, it's that I did not care for my grandpa as much and I didn't show him how much I felt for him and I know I'm gonna live with this disgusted feeling of myself in my entire life.

Which is why I have changed much and I try to be nice to all people around me..."Cherish" is a word long forgotten and I hope people will start to realise this before it's too late.

It's not easy for me to say it, so here... "I Love You, Grandpa"...wherever you are and may I be your Grandpa the next life to repay your love! Pin It Now!

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