Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interviews Horror

It's the time again, attending interviews non-stop throughout the month...am lucky I was even called for one :p

Most of the time, I enjoy going for one...meeting all sorts of people and getting updated of what's required and new in the industry. I ended up talking a little too much, more than what I should. But, there're also those dreaded ones, like when I tried to impress the smart interviewer, or when I tried to create less tension with the sulky and pouty interviewer, or the time when I cracked my head figuring how to answer super-freaking-difficult questions. O.O *energy drenching*

Those were the days of my horrific interview experiences. Now, I am more laidback, being myself and honest of what I want. It does help a lot knowing that I don't need to impress anyone...I'm a walking proof *pats back*.

Anyone have any embarass situations during a job interview or phobia to share?
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1 comment:

  1. i am scared every time people ask why i want leave the company. I dont know what to say and usually i just say i looking for a better job