Monday, July 4, 2011


A friend just started venturing to a new business and I was glad he invited me over for the launch. I was not easily forgotten meh -__-

His new baby, Facekara is located at the new Viva Home, Cheras and I must say I am impressed with his new concept "Broadcast You To The World" and evergoing energy and passion in all his work. At Facekara, you can actually sing, record and upload the video and then showcase it to whoever you think would be interested or inmpressed :p

Some of the pix on the launch (curi from the FB page).
Guests include (from left): Theodore, Vivian Chai (8TV Superstar winner), Alvin, Henley Hii (8TV Superstar winner), Simon ...hope I got the names correct :)

 Comfy room, sofa, and big screen
You can select songs via Touch screen (but it was kinda tiring to do it the entire time)

Outer area is available if you want to show the world you can SING and maybe get spotted by talent scout and there's also a mini bar there

Check out Facekara website for the pricing and for more information. The only thing I hope it could improve is on the staff's knowledge and keep on adding to the list of songs available. I super love going to karaoke!

psst: You can book a room that has the KLCC view (hint for fireworks display during New Year)
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  1. 1) Room smelling, like smoke room.
    2) Meal, not much choice & taste average only.
    3) Sound System, may be not 'original song' & every song have to adjust :-(

  2. well, you can buy the special promotion for Facekara deals at This Link now.